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Adult Korean
Adoptees of Portland

Building community for Korean adoptees and providing support, resources, and a connection to our Korean heritage.


There are many ways that you can connect with the AKAP community and get involved, whether you're in Portland, Oregon or somewhere else. The best way to stay in the loop is by subscribing to our monthly email newsletter!

Organize an Event

AKAP aims to provide a variety of events to reflect different people's interests. Please let us know if you have an idea for an AKAP event and would like to organize it! 

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AKAP wouldn't be the same without you. Your support helps continue our mission of providing a community where adoptees can connect with each other and with our heritage.

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AKAP organizes an event almost every month. If you would like to get involved, connect with us! We want you to be a part of creating a community you are proud of.

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Get Connected

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Group of seven Korean American adoptees at an AKAP event
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