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West Coast Adoptee Groups

Below is a list of other adoptee groups on the west coast:

AAAW provides a welcoming community to new and current participants, a mentorship program for youth adoptees called the Adoptee Mentorship Program (AMP), educational opportunities for Asian/Pacific Islander adoptees, awareness of issues adoptees face, and allyship to adoptees of different nationalities and communities.

The IKAA Network is the only adoptee network comprised of international representation by entirely volunteer organizations and is the leading global network of adult adoptees in the world.

AKASF began by helping adopted Koreans find one another and connect to their Korean heritage, culture, and birthland. Today, they continue to help welcome and connect adoptees to the community through meaningful services, events, and continued leadership.

A non-profit organization founded upon the experiences of adult Korean adoptees, working to build a supportive community in Hawai'i through public outreach, networking, education and sharing resources.

A non-profit, independent and secular group of adult, Korean-born adoptees and their associates based in Southern California whose umbrella covers Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Barbara.


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