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Other helpful resources to support you.

Local Organizations

Oregon Korean Foundation (OKF)

A community-based, non-profit organization preserving, promoting, and sharing Korean cultural heritage, as well as serving as a guardian of permanent funds available to safeguard the quality of Korean-Americans in our community.


Korean Society of Oregon (KSO)

A non-profit community service organization and community center representing and supporting more than 35,000 Korean-Americans in Oregon. The Korean Society of Oregon is home to a Korean Language school.

Korean American Coalition (KAC) Oregon

A national non-profit, non-partisan community advocacy organization with 9 chapters currently operating in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles (National Headquarter), San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC, and Portland.

DNA / Ancestry

325 Kamra

An organization that DNA tests families in Korea who have relinquished a child. Their goal is to connect adoptees with their biological families. 

23 and Me

An FDA met criteria product that allows people to find out their geographic roots based on genetic markers. Estimates down to 0.1%.


Trace your ethnic background and family history to find who your ancestors are and where they are from.

Family Tree DNA

Get connected with family members through your DNA. Not only find out where you come from, but also relatives through your maternal or paternal line.

West Coast Adoptees

Asian Adult Adoptees of WA (AAAW)

AAAW provides a welcoming community to new and current participants, a mentorship program for youth adoptees called the Adoptee Mentorship Program (AMP), educational opportunities for Asian/Pacific Islander adoptees, awareness of issues adoptees face, and allyship to adoptees of different nationalities and communities.

International Korean Adoptee Association (IKAA)

The IKAA Network is the only adoptee network comprised of international representation by entirely volunteer organizations and is the leading global network of adult adoptees in the world.

Adult Korean Adoptees of San Francisco (AKASFA)

AKASF began by helping adopted Koreans find one another and connect to their Korean heritage, culture, and birthland. Today, they continue to help welcome and connect adoptees to the community through meaningful services, events, and continued leadership.

Korean Adoptees of Hawai'i (KAHI)

A non-profit organization founded upon the experiences of adult Korean adoptees, working to build a supportive community in Hawai'i through public outreach, networking, education and sharing resources.

Association of Korean Adoptees in Southern California (AKA SO-CAL)

A non-profit, independent and secular group of adult, Korean-born adoptees and their associates based in Southern California whose umbrella covers Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Barbara.

Travel To Korea

As an adoptee, it is a journey to go back to Korea. Whether you want to go there to travel, find out about your adoption, explore your roots, or all of the above, AKAP supports you.

Visit Korea

Korea travel and tourism website.

Global Overseas Adoptees' Link (GOAL)

The only adoptee-led non-profit and NGO in Korea. 

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